Networking Events in Tech

Hi everybody. Back again with a new topic. I have been spending a little less time coding as I have been networking and interviewing so I wanted to spend a little time on this process. In one of my last articles, I had wrote about my interview experiences. Today, I thought it might be fitting to talk about how my networking has been going.

Before we go into events, I just wanted to touch base on some other networking tricks that I have used in my previous positions unrelated to tech. First, if you have a dream company/job, do some research on who works there. If you have been building your Linkedin connections with friends as well, this would be a great time to see who might have a connection. If they are close, tap into that! I would always refrain from straight up asking someone to help get you the job but there are tactful ways to achieve the same thing. If you get the chance to connect, use it as a way to pick their brain. That is much more beneficial than just asking for a job. No one wants to help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves. Show you are interested. That aside, let us talk about networking in the wild (public). I have to say, there has to be better advice outside of a bar, but considering I spent most of my 20’s working and patronizing them, let’s use the bar as an example. Sitting at a bar is always the best start. Much better than a table. Why? Because the bar has a chance for you to engage with those around you. In my travels recently, I have struck up conversations with strangers and was fortunate to meet not one but three software engineers. Two of which I have been communicating with on Linkedin. Being able to pick up a conversation is a skill that can be more valuable than you may realize.

What originally sparked this article was a networking event I recently attended. It was hosted by a local company and it involved interviews from the founders, engineers of all backgrounds and their talent specialists (recruiters). It was all anonymous but it did show our names. I had asked a few questions in the chat and even got a great response back on a message I had sent to one of the devs. Though these positions are a bit out of my reach at the moment, I was able to connect with those who I am trying to learn form. They told me a great way to get into the system is to attend the study halls they have. It is for projects they are all working on and it is a great way to casually meet them and show off some of my code.

Though this hasn’t landed me a job as of yet, it is laying a path to reach the goals I am looking for. As always, happy coding friends!